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16 – 20 weeks on doll orders paid in full at the time of ordering.For orders that are paid with a deposit first then the balance later, the wait time will be determined by the payment schedule and will be a minimum of 24 weeks.Please view the Prices page or the order forms for more details.LHI Arts & Entertainment reserves the right to change prices without notice.Email: Sales@Our mailing address is: LHI Arts & Entertainment 3707 Medford Street Los Angeles, CA 90063 Privacy Policy We take your privacy very seriously. We never sell or distribute your contact information or statistical information and we do not send unsolicited messages.Click the underlined text to view our complete privacy policy.

If you are not ready to pay when we request the balance, we will put your order into the holding queue until you are ready.

4) Select the type of item you want to purchase then click “Next” 5) Make your selections from the available options 6) Either save your selection for viewing later, or you can submit it from the cart to our order queue.

7) When the order is submitted, we will send an acknowledgement email.

Packages are shipped in plain, unmarked wrappings with a return name of LHI Arts & Entertainment to protect your privacy.

The membership on our website is completely private!

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